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For some homeowners, the garage is a sheltered parking space and a spot to accumulate stuff. For others, the garage is as much a part of the living space as the a dining room or den. Tinkerers, mechanics, DYIers, woodworkers, and others are often able to turn some or all of their garage space into a workshop. Other uses, like storage and laundry, can be created depending on the size and layout of the garage.

Belvedere Construction can help you to reimagine your garage. Using 3D modeling software, we will work with you to maximize the space and add new functionality and room to your home.

Garage Remodeling Services that Work for You

Belvedere Construction’s garage remodeling services turn your garage into more than just a shelter for your cars. Workshops, storage spaces, laundry rooms, and more can be added during a garage remodel to more effective utilize the space. We offer a full range of garage remodeling services:

garage remodel
  • Concrete repair and refinishing
  • Framing and drywall for storage spaces
  • Detached garage construction and shed installation
  • Custom cabinetry and work benches
  • Electrical
  • Garage door installation
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Why Belvedere Construction?

We are a trusted partner for garage and other remodeling projects in the Colorado Front Range. Here’s why:

  • Free Estimates – Before you spend a dime on a garage remodel, we will discuss the project with you and quote you a fair price.
  • Superior Communication – We stay in constant contact with your customers throughout the entire process thanks to a user-friendly online client portal. Track our progress, ask questions, or contact us directly via your computer.
  • Superior Quality – As craftsman, we understand the value of having the right workspace. We will help you create a more efficient space to work and play that will last.
  • Superior Technology – Our 3D modeling software will show you the possibilities for your garage. Move workbenches, set off separate space, and add appliances before settling on a final layout.
  • Superior Market Insight – We share our real estate experience with you, helping you to make informed decisions about the impact your garage remodeling choices will have on the value of your home.

Supercharge Your Garage Today!

Ready for a revamped garage to fit your needs and budget? Give Belvedere Construction a call. We’ll walk you through your options and work out a plan to give you functionality you need.