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Inspections are fundamental to the homebuying process. Detailed, experienced inspectors help property owners avoid costly home or office repairs on an older building and ensure that construction was done right on a new one. Because inspections protect your family and budget, you need an inspector you can trust to do a thorough evaluation of a property and look out for your best interests.

Belvedere Construction conducts reliable inspections for homebuyers in the Colorado Front Range. Our clients expect us to inform them of any issue, large or small, that could affect the value and safety of their property, and we’ve earned their trust.

Inspection Services

Belvedere Construction offers these inspection services:

  • Homebuying inspections* — Many homebuyers have been saved during the inspection process. Mold, asbestos, water damage, hail damage, faulty wiring and other costly problems can all be addressed or avoided before you make your biggest investment.
  • New home-build inspections – Just because a building is new doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. Mistakes can still be made during construction, which is why savvy buyers hire us to provide a reliable second opinion.
  • Seasonal maintenance and repair inspections – Age, use, and weather can lead to problems that catch property owners unaware. Proactive inspections can prevent flooding, mold, or other much costlier repairs from having to be made.
  • Commercial inspections* – As with home inspections, commercial inspections are necessary during the purchasing process and as part of a preventative maintenance schedule.

Our inspections include the electric, plumbing, sump pumps, appliances, HVAC, attics, basements, crawlspaces, garages and sheds, and windows and doors. These inspections are performed for a flat rate based on square footage.

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A Trustworthy Inspector in Colorado

Colorado’s weather and geology can be a nightmare for unprepared property owners. If you are in the process of buying a home or commercial property, or if you have a building you want to protect, contact Belvedere Construction today. We provide thorough, detailed, and prompt inspection services at a fair price.

* Due to conflict of interest, Belvedere Construction cannot perform the repairs recommended during a real estate transaction.

Get an Inspection Today!

Don’t take a chance with inspectors who just go through the motions – trust Belvedere Construction to save you and your property from unforeseen problems.