Designing Your Dream Kitchen Layout

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When embarking on a kitchen remodel, the existing layout of the kitchen sometimes determines which design style will work best. In other cases, completely rethinking the space, moving walls, and rearranging appliances is necessary. Regardless, dream kitchens come in many shapes and sizes. Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology, Belvedere Construction will show you the options that work best for your needs, space, and budget.

  • One-wall – The one-wall design, also known as the Pullman kitchen, is a space-saving design often used in studios and lofts. As the name implies, one-wall kitchens keep cabinets and appliance on a single wall and often incorporate an island, which allows for an open layout when connected to a living or dining room.
  • Galley – The galley design features two parallel walls with cabinets and appliances facing each other. This layout uses space efficiently and reduces costs by eliminating corner cabinetry, but it works best with a single cook in the kitchen.
  • L-shape – As the name suggests, the l-shape kitchen is designed with two perpendicular walls. The legs of the l-shape are usually 12’-15’ long, so this design works best for medium-sized kitchens. An island can also be incorporated into some floorplans.
  • Horseshoe – Also known as a u-shape, the horseshoe layout utilizes either three walls or two walls and a large island. While requiring a larger space, the horseshoe design allows for more traffic flow and design features like a double oven with a separate stovetop and more storage.
  • Peninsula – This design connects an island to an l-shaped or u-shaped layout. This layout can allow for the same flexibility as an island but takes up less space. A peninsula design can also open up a floorplan without sacrificing the benefits of an island or adequate storage.

See the Blueprints in 3D

Belvedere Construction harnesses digital technology to help clients explore the possibilities of a kitchen remodel. Chief Architect, a 3D modeling application, allows us to knock down walls, move cabinets, change colors, rearrange appliances, experiment with flooring and backsplashes, and experiment with lighting. Before you embark on a comprehensive kitchen remodeling project, you will know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

An Innovative Kitchen Remodeling Partner

At Belvedere Construction, we incorporate modern technology into our workflow, making us the premier remodeling contractor in Colorado Springs and Denver. Instead of the tedious and scary remodeling processes of the past, our technologically advanced design tools will make your kitchen remodeling project fun and exciting! Give us a call today to get started!

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