Budgeting for a Kitchen Remodel

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Dream of new custom cabinets, stainless steel appliances, an open great room for entertaining? Granite countertops, hardwood flooring, recessed lighting, shelving, backsplashes, hood vents? The list of desirable kitchen features can go on and on. Most homeowners, though, need to fit their dreams into a realistic budget.

For some homeowners, tackling a kitchen remodeling project in stages can work. But more often than not, time and money can be saved by doing more comprehensive kitchen remodeling. If you want to replace the sink and oven, for example, new cabinets or countertops may be required.

Budgeting for a complete kitchen remodel can get complicated, though, because of the number of elements that must be considered. To help you figure out your priorities, here are the six major costs of a kitchen remodel broken up by the percentage of the budget they use:

  • 30% — Cabinets and related hardware
  • 20% — Design and installation
  • 15% — Walls, ceilings, floors, entryways, and windows
  • 15% — Appliances and ventilation systems
  • 10% — Electrical and plumbing
  • 10% — Countertops, backsplashes, and other surfaces

Of course, money can be allocated based on your preferences and the needs of the space. If it’s possible to keep the cabinets, more money can be allocated for an island or backsplashes.

Belvedere Construction Helps You Budget

At Belvedere Construction, we work with all homeowners, regardless of their needs or budget, to create dream kitchens. There are two main ways we help our clients to maximize their resources.

Modern Technology – We use Chief Architect, a 3D modeling application, to show our clients an accurate rendering of their kitchen remodel. Moving walls, changing cabinets, and upgrading countertops in the virtual world will help you to make the best decisions based on your budget in the real world.

Real Estate Experience –  If you plan on reselling your home at any point, Belvedere Construction can help you to determine what is the best use of your money. Our team has extensive realty experience, which we leverage for our clients so they can make informed decisions about which kitchen upgrades will improve the resale value of their home.

Get a Free Estimate from Belvedere Construction Today!

To help you with the budgeting process, Belvedere Construction offers free estimates for homeowners looking to remodel their outdated kitchen. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation so you can start planning and budgeting for your dream kitchen!

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